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                Company Profile

                PRINCIPLE & WILL BIOTECH 

                WAS FOUNDED IN 1973

                Principle & Will Biotech was formally known as Master & Frank, which was established back in 1973. For over 40 years, we’ve been manufacturing Disposable protective equipment . Mask, shoe cover, Product category has surgeon cap,surgical gown, surgical drape, coverall and custom procedure packs. As of April 2019, Principle & Will spin off and become an independent company. The name Principle & Will, is to remind us doing business with Principles and have the Will to concur any obstacle we need to face. Principle & Will will continue the legacy of making good quality disposable medical products from the past and continue to develop more new product through R&D, increase productivity and quality by developing machinery, also we will cooperate with other industry and institute for other business opportunity.



                • 1973

                  Master & Frank Enterprise Co., Ltd. head office established in Taipei, Taiwan

                • 1988

                  Dongguan Yifa Medical Products Factory was established

                • 1997

                  Dongguan Master & Frank Medical and Health Products Factory was established

                • 2006

                  Master & Frank Enterprise (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. was established

                • 2007

                  Pinghu sterilization plant put into operation

                • 2008

                  Master & Frank Nonwoven Special Products (Xiantao) Co., Ltd. was established

                • 2011

                  Master & Frank Enterprise (Cambodia) factory put into operation

                • 2019

                  Master & Frank Enterprise (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. and Master & Frank Non-woven Special Products (Xiantao) Co., Ltd. are separated from Master & Frank Enterprise and renamed as Principle & Will Biotech (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. and Principle & Will Biotech (Xiantao) Co., Ltd. 

                • 2020

                  Signing contract for site selection of Hubei Xiantao Sterilization Plant