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                Long Sleeves Jacket

                Long Sleeves Jacket
                Long Sleeves Jacket
                Long Sleeves Jacket


                product nameWarm jacket fir
                raw material nameSpunlace
                Product SizeCustomized according to clinical needs
                QtyCustomized according to customer needs
                Product FeaturesThreaded collar and threaded cuffs make it comfortable to wear, while preventing bacteria and breathable.
                Use rangeOnly used in various inspection places in hospitals
                ContraindicationsPeople who are allergic to non-woven fabrics should use it with caution.
                Product lifespanFive years

                Storage/transportation conditions:

                It is recommended to store in a dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive indoor environment. Transportation shall be carried out by general means of transportation or in accordance with the provisions of the supply contract.

                Notes and other tips:    

                1. The products are provided non-sterile.    

                2. Check the integrity of the package before opening the small package. If the package is found to be damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use it.    

                3. When it is contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, or dirt, it should be replaced in time.    

                4. Dispose of the product in accordance with the requirements of "Medical Waste Management Regulations" after use.    

                5. Products that have not been sterilized cannot be used in an environment with aseptic requirements.    

                6. Check for damage before wearing. If there is leakage or damage, it should be replaced in time; attention should be paid to avoid contamination when taking off.     

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